Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I'ave Bin Away 4 Awhile

I'm Back As Dwayne Goodman.

Dear Diary, I am Dwayne Goodman, 17 years old. It’s 1st January 2008. I decide to keep a daily account of the event which past during this year and my thought on these events, 2008 is going to be GREAT! I went to a party and lets just say "SHIT WENT DOWN!" The Party was MAD uno what i mean alcohol, loud music and teenagers lool lets just say people were having more than enough fun

TILL. . . That prick Michael Bay decided he wanted to be superman.DICKHEAD!

Can't give away the whole ting can i but yeh dats the first little extract from Dwayne's Diary. . . hope you enjoy
p.s tell me what you think or ask any question you would like Dwayne to ask

Friday, 23 January 2009

Main Guys (Little Black Book)

Characters So Far

· Dwayne Goodman – Main character, his diary is what the whole film is based from. Young Dwayne is an everyday kid who just wants to have fun but like unlucky for him, he is going through the ‘big-headed’ phase.

· Jasmine Smith – Dwayne’s long term girlfriend. She is a beautiful person both inside and out, he calms Dwayne down. Dwayne doesn’t understand how important she is too him.

· Callum Taylor – Dwayne’s Best Friend, Callum & Dwayne understand each other like no1 else. They have been the best of friends from crawling days, Callum & Dwayne together are the craziest people on the planet. Callum is easily angered which causes problems.

· Gabriel Williams – A close friend of Dwayne, he is the good guy who always tells Dwayne when he is going wrong. Gabriel can always somehow see what will happen in Dwayne’s future but Dwayne never listens to him.

· Michael Bay - A boy known in the area, went cold-hearted after getting involved with making the wrong choices. Constant tension when Dwayne, Callum & he are in the same place.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Plan

Hi Guys, lool i ain't wrote a blog in awhile and my last one was ". . ."(lets just leave it at that) I'm a sanguine google it.

Nevertheless I'm back , i love acting and everything around it. One day i had an idea of a film i would like to see. I write scripts all the time in my spare time and when a good idea pops into my head. So i have decided to use my blog to help me.

The script is titled "Little Black Book" and is about how "Dwayne Goodman" (age 23/24) realises how important his family and friends are to him by looking back in time with the help of his diary. The film begins with an argument which Dwayne and his long time girlfriend "Jasmine Smith" are having about an unexpected baby. Dwayne is not ready for this child and goes out to the Balcony.

In a moment of rage, Dwayne kicks a few boxes (things they were planning to throw out) among the mess is a little black book which Dwayne picks up and opens it.

That is just to set the scene kind of, however starting from 1st Feb i will be posting diary entries to see what you think, what would be good to add in and all other views. Each point will be seen as a way to help me make this very script better.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dumb It DOWN!!!

Confused am i the only one that thinks girls these days are stupid and getting dumber as the days fly past?

Shocked! Don't be its getting obvious and if you haven't noticed open your eyes

Me and my boy Ayo (http://ayo-journo.blogspot.com/) have been talking about this for awhile lemme give you a few examples:

Example 1: Girls Are Mad JEALOUS lool no hype, all boys need to know is that you feel him n shet men its a wrap. Depending on the boy he own that girl for awhile. Girls can argue ryt bout now and say they can do dat too and you aint lying but bois are smarter, greedy and cold-hearted.

Example 2: Girls Just Dnt Care! Its bare funny like, girls just don't care if a boy has moved to your Friend, your Best Friend your Sister even YOUR MOTHER GOD DAMIT SHET!!!! these girls will still move.

All i'm saying is Fix Up, Look Sharp
I could say so much more, but thats a hype.
Ladies open your eyes, your gender is slacking
Change it!

Age Is Nuffin But A Number

Yavru Kartal Muhammed. . . Would HOT You NO HYPE!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Facebook. . . SHET!

SHET. . .Only word that came to mind when i think of Facebook.

Let me unravel the latest twist in my battle with Facebook.

I checking my e-mail as normal then one e-mail stood out to me "Facebook Support"

So I opened it and it read:

"Hi Martin,

Your name has been changed, and we have reactivated your account. We apologize for any inconvenience. Enjoy the site.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

Now i have two accounts. . . FRICKING LOSERS! Thanks Facebook

Saturday, 10 January 2009

KILLER Text!!!

At 9.22am on a bright Saturday morning, i was awoken by a text.
At first due to lack of sleep the words just looked a big blur, however as my eyes started to adjust i saw.

"Martin, I'm afraid you
no longer have a place with the group
you are not what we are looking for
you are a fantastic lad
however you will not fit into our show.
Call you later"
. . . SHET!!!

(For those who do not know im WAS part of the RADA Youth Group
RADA = Royal Acedmy of Dramatics Arts
And was the only black guy from the ends

The moment i read this, it felt like a PUNCH TO THE FACE!!!!!!

(jus know i was MAD quiet round my house for awhile)